BES Students Heading to Florida for World Championships

Zoe, Kody and Charlotte kitted out for the World Biathle Championships in Florida

Two Bridgnorth Endowed School pupils are heading off to Florida this October to represent Team GB in the Biathle World Championships.

Charlotte Gilbody, from Year 11, and her sister Zoe, from Year 8, will be joined by their younger brother, Kody, who is currently in Year 6 and hopes to move to BES next year.

The challenging Biathle event is a continual race that will be made up of a run followed by a swim in a saltwater marina and a second run to finish.

Charlotte, who is competing in the U17 group, will run 1200m, swim 200m, and run another 1200m. Zoe is set to take part in the U15 race, which includes an 800m run, 100m swim, and a final 800m run.

The Gilbodys, along with other talented students from across the globe, will compete in the four-day Biathle World Championships, which is being held in Saint Petersburg, Florida between October 23rd and 27th.

PE teacher, Mrs Poole, said: “We’re delighted with the girls’ outstanding achievements that have seen them qualify for October’s world championships in Florida.”

“We wish the three of them the best of luck and look forward to hearing how they get on.”

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