Year 8 Pewter Casting Creations Unveiled

A pewter casting project recently completed by Year 8 design technology students has been hailed as a success.

Based on the theme of ‘Coral Reefs and Sea Life’, the students had the choice of making either a bag pull, key fob or pendant.

The gravity casting process was used to make the items, which involved the pouring of molten metal from a crucible into a mould under only the force of gravity.

To make the designs more unique and interesting, some decided to add engraved sections for extra detail and capture acrylic pieces in the hot pewter when being poured.

Designs were first sketched by hand, then drawn using 2D Computer Aided Design software, before laser cutting the moulds.

Practical skills were also needed, as the students put the finishing touches to their artefacts by cutting, filing, drilling and polishing them.

DT teacher, Mr Davenport, said: “The department is very pleased with the high quality and unusual work created by all the students. Well done to everyone.”

Finished Items From the Year 8 Pewter Casting Project

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