Year 11 Learn About Safer Driving

Road Safety Officer for Shropshire Council, Malcolm Farrar

Road Safety Officer for Shropshire Council, Malcolm Farrar, delivered an informative presentation on safer driving to Year 11 students earlier this week.

He started by revealing that driving tests are much tougher these days and, although considered a high-risk group, younger drivers should now be a lot safer on the roads.

However, he went on to say that young males are more likely to take risks due to the frontal lobe in their brains developing at a slower rate than young females, resulting in higher incidents.

With safety as the central theme, Malcolm covered all of the contributing factors that can lead to accidents, including speeding, drink driving and distractions, such as chatting to passengers or texting.

When talking about the use of mobile phones while driving, he showed a compelling film with different teenagers admitting that they had checked messages, changed their music and even filmed themselves for Instagram from behind the wheel.

Each one of them was then introduced to a girl in her early twenties, who was left partially paralysed after the family car was hit by someone texting while driving. Devastatingly, the accident killed both of her parents and left her fighting for her own life.

The presentation was very well received by the Year 11s and really hit home with all of the videos, adverts, interesting facts and real-life stories. Malcolm asked the students for their thoughts and opinions throughout and showed clips of local roads around Bridgnorth, making it relatable and engaging from start to finish.

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