Washbrook Celebrates House Cup Win

Washbrook students with Head of House, Mr Akhtar

Earlier today, students at Bridgnorth Endowed waited with bated breath as this year’s winner of the highly-coveted House Cup was announced during tutor time.

Points were totted up across a number of key categories, including behaviour, homework, attendance, and attitude to learning, as well as events such as the Christmas card competition, the Easter bake off, and last week’s sports day.

To make the contest as fair as possible, the totals were divided by the number of students in each house to average out the final scores and determine the winning team.

Washbrook took first place with 361 points, closely followed by Rowley with 356 and, Sports Day Trophy winners, Hardwicke, came third with 342 points.

Head of Washbrook, Mr Akhtar, said: “As we reach the end of another disrupted and challenging year, I would like to thank all members of Washbrook House for their hard work and determination.”

“This is a fitting farewell for Washbrook and I look forward to the launch of our four new houses in September, when the competition will continue once again.”

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