Summer School Magazine Out Now!

A magazine to celebrate Bridgnorth Endowed’s first-ever Summer School has been handed out to Year 7 pupils today, as a special memento of the milestone event.

Written by the pupils themselves, the magazine documents the four-day taster experience that was packed with a diverse range of lessons delivered by some enthusiastic teachers.

The new recruits got the chance to explore subjects through hands-on activities, develop good working relationships with staff and find their way around an unfamiliar school.

Working within their tutor groups, they were able to cement previous friendships and establish new ones, and staff were overwhelmed by the inclusive kindness shared by this cohort as students from over 15 feeder schools got to know each other.

Importantly, the pupils also got the opportunity to trial the delicious school dinners, which received a resounding thumbs-up for the variety and quality at every sitting.

Smiling, confident faces bid farewell to staff on the Friday. Anxieties were dispelled and replaced with the desire to get started at BES.

Summer School 2021 was a great success.

Download the Summer School Magazine here ››

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