STEM Careers Events Inspire Year 10 Students

Students from Year 10 have been immersing themselves in the world of technology and engineering in live sessions delivered by the Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology over the past two weeks.

Organised as part of Bridgnorth Endowed’s robust careers programme, each student took part in one of four online events, which were led by the Director of the MCMT’s STEM Workshop, Leanne Mee.

The Year 10s got the chance to take a virtual tour of the state-of-the-art manufacturing training facility in Bridgnorth and went on to receive a full introduction to apprenticeships and how the application process works.

Keen to encourage the students to explore their skills and attributes, Leanne then asked them to sell themselves in 60 seconds – a key technique when trying to secure employment or training opportunities.

After much collaboration with each other and members of staff, the students made a list of positive things about themselves, with some boldly taking the plunge to present to the group at the end.

BES Careers Leader, Miss Edwards, said: “The sessions were extremely helpful, not only for the students looking at engineering as a possible career, but also those considering the apprenticeship route.”

“Leanne’s presentation pointed out the advantages of being able to ‘earn while you learn’, a message that sparked interest amongst some of the students and made them think about the benefits of this pathway.”

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