IT Department Launches 3D Printing Club

Sam Conner from Year 7 with his 3D printing project

A brand-new 3D printing club has been launched to offer Year 7 pupils access to this exciting new technology.

The cutting-edge printer, which was funded by BES Friends, Bridgnorth Endowed School’s PTA, gives students the opportunity to see their two-dimensional computer designs come to life as real objects.

Students can benefit from the use of 3D printing as they acquire first-hand experience of this advanced technology, which will become more and more important in the future.

The learning experience for digital media is a priority for the school and there are plans for 3D printing to be rolled out to a wide variety of subjects in the near future.

3D Printing Club is run by Mr Akhtar in Room 35 and is available to Year 7 students on Tuesdays from 3.05 to 4.00pm.

Video: See the 3D printer in action

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