Former Student to Stand in Local Elections

A former Bridgnorth Endowed School student is standing as an official Labour candidate in the upcoming local elections with the pledge to “promote a more sustainable future” for the town.

Nineteen-year-old Arlie Chetter, who was born and bred in Bridgnorth, feels passionately that there needs to be significant change and is campaigning hard for votes in next Thursday’s elections.

He commented: “I feel strongly about what happens to our town and fighting for its interests. Given the opportunity, I will stand up and speak out for better investment in the future of Bridgnorth.”

“Our infrastructure is being neglected, our services threatened by large housing developments, the local environment ignored and the needs of our young people completely overlooked.”

With a solid track record of supporting the local community, Arlie has made a real difference in so many ways. For several years, he’s taken part in the Bridgnorth Walk and raised thousands of pounds for the town’s food bank – a big responsibility as the charity’s only walker.

A keen advocate for environmental issues, he has participated in initiatives such as a Wildlife Trust tree planting project on the edge of town, which saw almost one thousand trees being planted over two days.

Arlie taking part in a local Wildlife Trust tree planting project last December

More recently, Arlie got involved in a campaign to save Bridgnorth’s Innage Lane Youth Club, after Shropshire Council withdrew funding following changes to how it delivers youth services.

Aside from his political aspirations, Arlie works at a renewable energy plant and runs his own garden maintenance business, which has gone from strength to strength since its launch three years ago.

Even during his time at the school, the popular student threw himself into a multitude of extra-curricular activities, which he claims “set him up well for life as an active resident of Bridgnorth.”

We wish Arlie the best of luck in next week’s elections and pass on his plea to “Vote Arlie”.

The local elections take place on Thursday 6 May and Arlie Chetter is standing for Shropshire Council in Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts.

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