DofE Expedition Training Gets Underway

Left to right: Grace Thornes and Jessica Heseltine from Year 10

On the last day of term, fifty Year 9 and Year 10 students camped overnight on the school field in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award qualifying expeditions, which will take place in the summer.

Now an approved Licenced Centre for the Award, Bridgnorth Endowed’s DofE team decided to take an exciting new approach by combining the usual weekly sessions into a single training camp on the school field.

The group, who were a mix of students going for Bronze and Silver Awards, received essential hands-on training that included, studying maps, getting the hang of six-figure grid references, making route cards, using a compass and learning how to deal with a potential emergency.

Students were then taught how to safely use a meths stove to cook their evening meal and got to grips with erecting their tents before turning in for the night.

Mr Clayton, the school’s DofE manager, reports: “It felt a bit strange at first but, after this, students will be able to look at a particular patch of grass and remember that they once slept there!”

Saturday morning began early with a 5.30am shake of the tent – the DofE camping alarm call. Breakfast was cooked, tents and gear packed away and students were ready for their practice walk in the beautiful countryside around Highley.

A glorious spring morning unfolded with blue skies and loud birdsong as the various groups navigated themselves around the route mostly without mishap, although some took a while to discover that maps were more useful in their hands, rather than stowed in their rucksacks.

Mr Clayton concludes: “All in all, it was a great success and a very enjoyable experience that we will certainly repeat in future years.”

“I’m extremely grateful to the staff who gave up their Friday evening and Saturday to make it happen, so thank you to Miss Poole, Mrs Bills-Brown, Mr Nichols, Mr Morris, and Mr J Clayton.”

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