Bright Ideas for Mood Lighting Project

One of the impressive mood lights produced by design technology students in Year 9

The quest to create beautiful mood lighting with plenty of added functionality has resulted in some stunning designs produced by students in Year 9.

Based on the theme of contemporary architecture and the unique style of the Memphis Group, pupils were asked to submit mood lights that automatically switch on when it’s dark and also randomly change colour.

During the project, the Year 9s learnt about electrical components and how to solder, before following a brief to make the electrical circuits that would power their lights.

As part of the design technology curriculum, they used 2D CAD software to plan and draw their designs, then got to work with the laser cutters to manufacture the components.

The final stage of the process saw the students carry out in-depth evaluations of their finished products to identify any potential design modifications.

Photo Gallery: Year 9 Mood Lighting Project

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