Bridgnorth Aluminium Highlights the Importance of Languages to Year 9 Pupils

Adrian Musgrave from Bridgnorth Aluminium talking to Year 9 pupils

Last week, Bridgnorth Aluminium came into school to talk to Year 9 students about the importance of language skills and how they can benefit a wide range of careers.

Adrian Musgrave, the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager, delivered the assembly and shared his own career path, highlighting the positive impact of learning a language.

At the age of 16, Adrian took part in a school exchange to Germany, which sparked his interest in languages and galvanised him into taking A Levels in French and German.

Keen to do a language at university, Adrian felt that taking it alongside another subject, such as science, engineering or business, was a powerful combination, so he opted for German with Management Studies.

As part of his degree course, he undertook a placement year with a German company in Hamburg and, after graduating, he returned to Germany and worked in Dusseldorf for four years.

Today, Adrian is a member of the senior leadership team at Bridgnorth Aluminium and heads up the company’s sales and marketing operations, dealing with customers around the globe.

To sum up, Adrian comments: “Learning a language helps you to develop a more outward-looking perspective on the world and can open up a whole host of opportunities, both in your career and also on a personal level.”

“It’s not just about communicating in a different language, you are able to gain a much deeper understanding of the culture and the people, which helps you to develop stronger connections.”

Adrian’s talk forms part of the extensive work that goes into preparing Year 9 students for making important decisions about their GCSE subject choices.

Languages are a key focus in the school as all Year 10 and 11 pupils now follow the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) pathway, which includes science, maths and English, with the addition of a humanity and a language.

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