Aston University Talk

Aston University Visit to Bridgnorth Endowed
Year 8 pupils standing in response to questions from Aston University

Birmingham’s Aston University delivered an enlightening talk on higher education to Year 8 students earlier this term.

The presentation tackled topics ranging from finance and study to getting to grips with the terminology. Day-to-day basics like cooking, socialising and living away from home or commuting were also covered.

All pathways to Higher Education were outlined during the discussion and, at the end, students took part in a lively question and answer session.

Mrs Mitchell, Careers Lead reports: “It was wonderful to see so many inquisitive Bridgnorth Endowed students asking relevant and incisive questions in relation to attainment and routes to university.”

To help students make informed choices and enable them to meet their aspirations, a plan is firmly in place to invite more speakers to the school next year.

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