Sports Day 2018

Bridgnorth Endowed School Sports Day 2018
Max Cattle from Year 10 in the relay race

A hot, sunny day heralded this year’s Bridgnorth Endowed Sports Day, which took place on Wednesday 11th July.

The school’s three Houses, Washbrook, Rowley and Hardwicke, came together with one purpose in mind – to win the coveted Sports Day Trophy.

Students from all year groups competed in teams and individually across a variety of sports, including traditional athletic events, archery, tug-of-war and more.

An early pace was set by the fiercely competitive Rowley, which had a successful first round of track and field events.

The support and spirit of the crowd was tangible as spectators cheered athletes on while enthusiastically flying their house colours.

Each and every competitor, whether they collected maximum marks or just a single point, received plenty of encouragement.

As the last event of the school’s sporting calendar drew to a close and the final scores came in, first place hung in the balance. A strong second half in the competition saw Hardwicke triumph, with Rowley coming in second place and Washbrook third.

The yellow House colour of Hardwicke now adorns the Sports Day Trophy for the next 12 months – until the Houses meet to do battle again.

Congratulations to everyone.

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