Year 10 Boys Finally Get Their Win

The Year 10 boys’ football team celebrating their win at last night’s landmark match

Celebrations erupted on a wet Tuesday evening when the Year 10 boys ended four years of waiting with a 3-1 win against Burton Borough XI last night.

Conditions were extremely difficult but Bridgnorth adapted the better of the two teams and keeper Ryan Vaughan-Jones reacted quickly at his near post to deny the visitors early on.

Asa Thomas broke the deadlock with a well-struck effort from the edge of the box and then George Childs doubled their lead on the stroke of half time.

Burton Borough capitalised on a poor clearance to lob the advancing Vaugh-Jones before an excellent free kick from Joe Markall could only be flicked into the net.

The new defence comprising of Worrell, Worrie, Wickens, Banks and Valtenberg worked efficiently, limiting the opportunities for Burton Borough. Well done to all.

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