Britannica School is Here!

To equip students for a new era of education, Bridgnorth Endowed has recently invested in Britannica® School – an award-winning online resource from Encyclopedia Britannica.

Aligned to the national curriculum, content is updated daily and checked by professional editors to ensure that the information is current, reliable and relevant.

Parents can be confident that their child is exploring safe material from a trusted, non-biased source and enjoying access to articles, videos, images and more.

With the ability to browse by subject, look for biographies, explore the World Atlas, compare statistical information between different countries and discover interactive resources, this platform makes research highly engaging and homework a great deal easier.

Britannica School is for everyone as it offers age-appropriate resources at three learning levels – foundation for primary schools, intermediate for secondary, and advanced for sixth formers.

Tailored to the needs of each student, content is available in three reading levels and users can move quickly from one level to another without changing the look and feel of the site.

There are handy tutorials to guide students through the process of carrying out effective research, and ‘how-tos’ for projects such as book reviews or presentations.

Pupils can go beyond looking up information by creating a personalised tool to filter, tag favourites, share content, and discover new and related ideas.

Teachers are able to produce, save and share lesson plans using the new lesson plan builder. They can map Britannica content, define steps and activities, select materials and share their ideas with other teachers.

This wonderful resource is now available for students to access at school or from home and can be used on any device, including computers, laptops and tablets.

So, simply log in and select the appropriate learning level, type in a search term and choose a reading level to suit, then let the learning begin.

Some of the features on Britannica School – click on image to enlarge

For more information, please visit the Britannica School website →

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