Banner for Twin Town Arts Event

A group of Year 7 art students have joined forces to produce a stunning banner to hang at this summer’s Ville Haute en Couleurs Arts Festival held in the French town of Thiers – Bridgnorth’s twin town.

Every year, the Bridgnorth Twinning Association invites a number of local schools and groups to take part in the event, which showcases art around the town between the months of June and October.

With a different theme each year, the title for 2023 is ‘voyage au bout du monde’ or ‘journey to the end of the world’ and the group of five art enthusiasts took on the challenge with great relish.

With limited time but lots of enthusiasm, the students created a road that shows the journey. The road at the start is flowery and pretty but changes into darkness. As we do not know what is at the end of the world, the darkness represents nothingness.

Head of Creative Arts, Mrs Rhodes, said: “The enthusiasm and commitment from the students has been incredible and they have displayed teamwork, independence and creativity to create an exciting banner.”

Congratulations to Hollie Kirk, Mya Mitchell, Emily Saunders, Lucy Hayward and Jessica Flanagan for creating a fantastic banner on behalf of the school.

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