Aspens Announce New World Kitchen Menu

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Bridgnorth Endowed School caterers, Aspens Services, announces its brand-new menu, which is set to be launched to students and staff after the half term break.

Each day of the week sees a wide choice of tempting dishes, from family favourites to internationally-inspired recipes, plus delicious pastas, homemade pizzas and tasty snacks.

The spirit of adventure is certainly apparent in the new menu, which includes Global Guests, such as Punjabi Butter Chicken, Egyptian Falafel Flatbread, and Mexican Spicy Beef Barbacoa.

For those looking for more traditional food, hearty meals like cottage pie, sausage and mash, and roasts with all the trimmings are on offer, and there are also plenty of snack options with paninis, hot chicken wraps, and dusted wings and wedges.

The Aspens Approach

The Worcestershire-based catering company is now in its second term at Bridgnorth Endowed School and the service has certainly improved, with school meal uptake increasing month on month.

The team proudly make everything from scratch, including amazing bread, cakes and even homemade pizza sauce with puréed tomatoes, carrots, onions and lentils to sneak in some extra 5-a-day nutrition.

Theme days are extremely popular and jazz up weekday lunchtimes, as staff dress up in national costumes and serve exciting menus from around the world

With value for money a high priority, Aspens pays close attention to price sensitivity and ensures that there are always offers available. The Meal Deal costs just £2.25 and includes a main meal, hot deli item or sandwich/baguette, plus a dessert and drink.

Aspens operations manager, Kelly Brown, comments: “We really enjoy working with Bridgnorth Endowed School and have had very positive feedback from everyone.”

“The students are brilliant and so polite, always keen to chat to us and let us know what they think of the food.”

The new menu will be launched after half term, on Monday 25th February, and there are a number of theme days planned over the year, starting with next month’s The Welsh Way and Luck of the Irish.

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