Angling Match at Boldings Pools

Angling event at Boldings Pools
Pictured: Winner Bradley Driver

Bridgnorth Endowed Year 7 students took part in a fishing match at Boldings Pools near Bridgnorth on Thursday 21st June.

Following weeks of coaching from the Bridgnorth Angling Society, the boys were ready to compete against each other and a match was organised.

Everyone, including PE teacher, Mr Chase, was allocated a peg and had two hours to fish. After many exclamations of delight at the size of the fish being caught and each student secretly stashing their catch, it was time for the weigh in.

There was a great deal of anticipation as the students waited for the final results, which were as follows:

  • 1st Bradley (Peg no. 5) 8lb 8oz
  • 2nd James (Peg no. 7) 6lb 5oz
  • 3rd Mason (Peg no. 10) 5lb 3oz
  • 4th Callum (Peg no. 8) 5lb 2oz
  • 5th Ed (Peg no. 3) 4lb 15oz
  • 6th Reece (Peg no.2) 4lb 10oz
  • 7th James (Peg no. 6) 2lb 5oz
  • 8th Philip (Peg no. 1) 2lb 4oz

Plus, taking part but not competing, Mr Chase caught an impressive 6lb 14oz and Alex netted 2lb 14oz.

The day was a huge success and special thanks go to Phil Hancox and other members of the Bridgnorth Angling Society โ€“ Brian Preece, Gary Cain, Sam Lloyd and Alexandria Hancox โ€“ for organising the competition and generously providing our students with coaching sessions.

Also, a big thank you to Ed and Mark Turner, from Boldings Pools, for hosting the event.

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