Class Charts Software Rollout

Bridgnorth Endowed announces the rollout of a dynamic new software programme, designed to record and track student achievement and behaviour for optimised teaching and learning.

Driven by artificial intelligence, Class Charts is a powerful tool that delivers effective real-time communication that’s shared between teachers, parents and pupils.

The aim is to improve performance and reduce low level disruption, and after months of trialling and development, the school has devised a platform with all the features that work best to achieve this.

Homework Module

Homework can be tracked by using an instant overview or to-do list of what’s been set, either by due date or issue date.

So, instead of trying to decipher tasks that have been hastily scribbled into planners at the end of a lesson, pupils can access comprehensive instructions with any relevant support material attached.

The status of homework is also visible with fields denoting whether it has been submitted, completed, submitted late or not submitted at all; information that’s essential for parents to be aware of.

Positive Influences

The school recognises the important role parents play in the education of their children and hopes to increase engagement further by providing as much information about student progress as possible.

In the classroom, teachers are able to manage behaviour efficiently with clever features such as automatic seating plans, which identify how pupils influence each other during the lesson.

Seating plans have been proven to have a positive impact, and with a simple click of a mouse, teachers can quickly and easily see the needs and abilities of all the pupils sitting in front of them.

Student Rewards

Bridgnorth Endowed believes strongly in the positive reinforcement of good behaviour and, rather than subjective decisions to reward, each pupil routinely gets two positive points per lesson – one for work completed and one for good conduct, if no negatives are given.

Parents can view this data within a user-friendly dashboard that charts positive and negative points as a complete overview, for the week, or in a more detailed daily breakdown.

As a school, awards assemblies are held at the end of each term, and students with high positive behaviour scores are celebrated alongside pupils that are most improved in a subject or have gained the highest grade.

Mr Worth comments: “We are delighted to introduce Class Charts to parents and students. The staff love the new software and we’ve already seen some very impressive results.”

“The beauty of the system lies in its simplicity and we hope parents find it a useful tool to see how their children are getting on at school on a regular basis.”

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