To help parents of children starting in Year 7, we've listed the most frequently asked questions to provide some initial information about day-to-day life at Bridgnorth Endowed School.

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What COVID-19 measures are in place at BES?

The safety of students and staff is our top priority and we have put a raft of effective measures in place, based on the very latest advice and guidance. Find out more here

How will students be organised into classes?

In the absence of KS2 tests this year, we have been communicating with your children’s primary school teachers to find out as much as we can about the students who are joining us to ensure that, as far as possible, each class will be broadly equal in terms of overall academic ability.

We would expect to be in a position to move to separate ability groups in English, Maths and Science at the end of the first term. This will ensure that pupils will have had a full term of teaching, supported by a range of internal assessments in each subject, so that we can make this process as fair as possible.

What happens in the first week of Year 7?

Your child’s first day will start with some time in their form where they will meet the rest of their tutor group. Here, they will receive everything they need, including their timetables and other key information.
Lessons will then run as normal and your child will get the opportunity to meet their subject teachers. Students often worry about getting lost but there are plenty of staff on hand in the corridors to help direct them to their next lesson.

During the first week, Year 7 students take an early lunch, which gives them the chance to understand how it all works and have their thumb prints taken for the cashless catering system.

What are the school term dates?

School term dates can be found here

What are the school hours and how is the day organised?

How the school day is organised can be found here

What are the uniform rules and where can I buy the uniform?

Our uniform policy and a list of suppliers can be found here

New ties will be introduced in September and, in celebration of the new houses, the school will be covering the cost for one tie per pupil.

What equipment does my child need?

Students are required to bring a basic stationery kit into school each day and specialist equipment as required. See kit list

Safety goggles and aprons can be purchased directly from school via the PayPal button below:

Select item

Note: Items will be given out to students on the first day.

Does my child need a laptop?

As a school, we firmly believe in the merits of our Chromebook Programme and the educational benefits of students having their own device to improve the vital link between learning at school and at home.

Having access to the latest technology when and where students need it can help to give them the very best chance of success in and beyond the classroom.

For more information, please visit our Chromebook Programme page

What are the rules regarding mobile phones in school?

Students are able to bring mobile phones to school but are not permitted to use them during school hours. If phones are used inappropriately, they will be confiscated and parents are required to collect them from reception at the end of the day.

Are lockers available in school?

We operate a ‘hire’ provision for all school lockers, which enables us to provide secure lockers in good condition for students that have requested them.

The ‘hire’ cost is a one-off sum of £15 per student for their entire time at the school, and includes a padlock and key.

Your child will be expected to empty their locker for the main summer holiday, as routine maintenance and cleaning will be carried out during this period.

When your child leaves the school and returns their key, a refund of up to £10 will be given. Should your child lose their key, a replacement can be ordered at a cost of £6.

To request a locker, please collect a form from reception and return it with your payment as soon as possible. Lockers are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Can my child travel to school on the school bus?

Transport is provided by the school’s own minibuses and drivers, to and from Highley, The Hobbins and Bobbington. The Wolverhampton route includes The Mermaid Pub, Perton, Pattingham, Penn, Seisdon and Wombourne.

The school is willing to consider most areas should demand be sufficient. For enquiries about our bus service, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the meal arrangements at the school (including free school meals)?

Details about catering at the school can be found here

How do I make payments to the school?

Bridgnorth Endowed is a cashless school. All payments for catering, trips and other items must be made via the School Gateway system

What do I do if my child is absent from the school?

To report an absence, please follow the instructions here

What happens if my child is ill at school?

If your child is ill at school, they will be asked to go to reception where they are assessed. Appropriate care will either be provided at school or arrangements will be made for them to go home.

How will I receive information from the school?

School communications are generally sent out via our School Gateway system. For those that are unable to access the system or for individual letters, paper copies will be handed out to students during tutor time.

How is the Year 7 curriculum organised?

Details on the Year 7 curriculum can be found here

How will I know what kind of homework my child will be set?

Government guidelines specify that Year 7 students are expected to allocate 45 to 90 minutes per day for homework.

Subject teachers will set work that is of an appropriate level and length to ensure that it makes an important contribution to the learning process.

If students need any help with homework, after-school sessions are available in the Study Centre from Monday to Thursday until 5pm and until 4pm on Fridays.

How do I find out about my child’s progress?

The school’s system of reporting and consultation can be found here

What happens if my child has Special Educational Needs?

An overview of our approach to Special Educational Needs can be found here

What kind of after school and lunchtime clubs and activities are there?

A timetable of our clubs and activities can be found here

What do I do if my child wants to have musical instrument lessons?

Details on the music tuition available at Bridgnorth Endowed School can be found here

If you have any concerns or questions about Year 6 transition, please call 01746 762103 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ofstead good provider"The school places a high value on developing well-rounded young people who are respectful, polite and industrious." – Ofsted


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