Strategy Club Compete in Warhammer Tournament

Battle ready and raring to go, ten members of Bridgnorth Endowed’s Strategy Club headed off to Warhammer World in Nottingham to compete in a one-day tournament held last week.

Our top team met 60 students from other schools to engage in combat across three thrilling 75-minute games and put their strategic warfare skills to the ultimate test.

Students were tasked with planning and building an army of no more than 500 points, with a high standard of presentation expected in the painting and basing of the models.

The battles commenced and, as well as trying to secure victory, competitors were also awarded points for gamesmanship and the finish of their army figures.

Year 10 student, Joshua Rees, won two prizes for being the most sporting and generous player, and the rest of the squad had the opportunity to further develop their skills in competitive play.

Mr Clayton, who heads up the club, commented: “The trip to Warhammer World was a great success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed taking their Strategy Club expertise out to a bigger arena. I can’t recommend this hobby highly enough as it develops students’ imagination and craft skills alongside their ability to plan, analyse situations and understand complex processes.”

Strategy Club meets every week, at lunchtime on Thursdays and after school on Fridays. All students are welcome to join, with or without experience, and can either use a Strategy Club army or bring their own. Games include Warhammer, and historical sets from the ancient world, Napoleonic or WWII periods.

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