Sixth Formers Complete Extended Project Qualifications

Year 13 students (left to right): Jess Bayley, Joseph Lister, Luke Waldram, Joel Clayton and Grace Docker

After several months of planning and research, sixth formers from Bridgnorth Endowed School presented their final Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) work to a group of fellow students last month.

This year saw students choose an array of innovative and thought-provoking topics that included, the impact of palm oil extraction, whether electric cars are the future, and if serial killers are a result of nature or nurture.

Two of the students opted instead to produce artefacts based on areas of genuine interest to them – Joel Clayton created an intricate board game and Joseph Lister built a radio-controlled model aircraft.

Taken alongside A Levels, the qualification is equivalent to half an A Level and requires students to work independently, putting in many hours of their own time to complete the projects.

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Whitmore, comments: “This qualification often enables students to secure better University offers and historically the school has an excellent track record of EPQ results.”

“It provides a fantastic opportunity for students to experience a university-style assignment as the EPQ is a largely self-directed and self-motivated project that is designed to encourage creativity and curiosity.”

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