Rowley Triumphs in House Cup Contest

Rowley House captains Tomos Pearce (left) and Hannah Tranter (right)

After three weeks of the houses making the final push towards securing the highly-coveted House Cup, the results are in and there’s quite literally a hair’s breadth between the three.

Rowley wins with 385.09 points, closely followed by Hardwicke with 385.01 and, less than three points behind, Washbrook takes the third-place spot with 382.15.

The tightly fought contest demanded a change in counting procedures, as grand totals were divided by the number of students in each house to separate the three as fairly as possible.

The scores came from a range of categories, including classroom behaviour points up to March, attitude to learning grades, attendance, work completed in lockdown, the virtual house competitions and other events such as the Food Bank collection and MFL Bake Off.

Head of Rowley, Mrs Tristham, commented: “After four long years, the red ribbons have finally returned to the House Cup. The competition was very tight but it was the student and staff involvement in the biathlon that tipped us over the finish line and into the winning position.”

“During an extraordinary year, where schools have experienced huge disruption, Rowley students and teachers have shown exceptional resilience and determination to overcome these setbacks and maintain a strong house identity.”

To members of Rowley House, Mrs tristham, added: “I would like to thank you all and let you know I am incredibly proud of you – even this global pandemic could not deter us in our fight to win the cup. This is a great way to finish the year and end my time as head of house.”

Huge congratulations to Rowley!

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