Puff the Poorly Dragon is on the Mend

Dana Power recovering at home after suffering a heart attack in early April

We’re very pleased to announce that Bridgnorth Endowed minibus driver, Dana Power, is recovering well from the heart attack he suffered on Friday 3rd April.

The long-time charity fundraiser, who has raised almost £50K and run countless marathons as ‘Puff the Dragon’ for Asthma UK, was rushed into hospital after experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties.

Dana recalled: “The paramedics performed an ECG on me and when they confirmed I was having a heart attack, I was absolutely stunned at the news.”

“As a marathon runner, I consider myself to be reasonably fit. I don’t smoke, very rarely drink, and watch my diet, so I thought it must be a mistake. But no, the Bridgnorth Dragon is not as invincible as I thought.”

On arrival at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, Dana was met by medical staff and immediately taken to theatre where he had a stent fitted.

The procedure was a success but the current COVID-19 crisis then presented an issue. A patient in the bed next to Dana tested positive for the virus, which led to him being tested and moved to an isolation ward. Fortunately, his results came back negative and he was released early to avoid further risk.

At home, Dana felt awful for the first week but by week two he decided to go for a walk to try to regain some of his fitness. He said: “At first, I only managed about 400 yards and found it really tiring, but then each day I ventured a little further.”

Dana raising money for Asthma UK as Puff the Dragon

“By the third week, I decided to try Puff’s usual 5-mile training route, and walked down the Bridgnorth bypass, back through town and up Cartway. It took me ages to get up Cartway but the feeling at the top was great.”

Now seven weeks on, Dana can do up to seven miles a day very comfortably and hopes to return to running soon; the aim being to take part in next year’s London Marathon – with one small change.

Dana has made the wise decision to no longer run in the 15kg Puff costume, instead he’ll just stick to wearing it for fundraising purposes.

Delighted to be on the road to recovery, Dana said: “There are so many people I need to thank. My wife Tina, our neighbours Margaret and Rachel, and all of my family and friends who sent over 400 messages of support.”

“I’d also like to thank Steve Chase for filling in for me at school, and helping with the essential free school meal deliveries.”

“Of course, a big thank you goes to the paramedics, who were absolutely awesome, and the staff at New Cross – from the cleaners, dinner ladies and porters to the nurses, doctors and consultants.”

“The care I received from everyone was second to none, and I will be eternally grateful to them, and the amazing NHS.”

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