Poetry Contest Success for Aidan

Aidan Clark pictured with Head of English, Mr Butler

Last week, Year 13 student, Aidan Clark, received the exciting news that his poem had made it into the top 10 per cent of entries in a prestigious competition run by Tower Poetry, which is based at the University of Oxford.

Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill, from Tower Poetry, wrote: “We wanted to let you know that the poem you submitted was one of those the judges most enjoyed.”

“It was amongst the 60 or so in serious contention. Many congratulations on your achievement, and we hope that you keep on writing.”

Students were asked to write a poem of no more than 48 lines on this year’s ‘Underwater’ theme, as part of a long-standing initiative to encourage young people in education to appreciate and write their own poetry.

On Aidan’s poem, Head of English and Languages, Mr Butler, comments: “His linguistically rich and beautifully constructed poem made quite an impression on the judges and was longlisted into the final 60.”

“A commendable feat, with entries of nearly one thousand students aged between 16 and 18. Aidan’s poem will be displayed on the website and in the English Department to provide inspiration to future generations of BES poets.”

“Well done young man.”

Memoir #19

Orders given, I set off, the steep
Plunge into the deep blue leaves me to reap
My muffled vertigo

I wipe my white window, and lay sight on weird
Fishes. Shapes defined by the smear
Marks of my damp hand

Captain was sure of his orders.
My heart sinks within their penetrable borders
In the submarine

I remain stationary as the nonchalance
Of the warning lights try their utmost to once
More, warn me.

Last orders given. They’re making a mockery of me.
I’m longing for the green of the trees.
Suddenly. Bedrock.

By Aidan Clark

More information can be found on the Tower Poetry website →

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