Clock Designs Go Back in Time to the 1920s

Year 7 students proudly revealing their colourful Kandinsky clocks

Year 7 students recently completed a DT project to design and make clocks in acrylic plastic, inspired by the minimalist Bauhaus style from the 1920s.

The brief asked them to develop colourful yet balanced designs based on a painting by one of the Bauhaus masters, colour theorist Wassily Kandinsky.

The first step was to create technical drawings, marking out and cutting each component to size, then sawing, filing and fine finishing using various grades of wet and dry paper.

Using hand tools rather than laser cutters, the clocks were all carefully crafted by hand with machinery such as the press drill, strip line heater and buffer.

Closely following their technical drawings, students glued the components to the clock faces with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that each part was in exactly the right position.

Design technology teacher, Mr Davenport, said: “Year 7 worked really hard on this project and we were all very pleased with the final outcomes.”

Photo Gallery: Year 7 Kandinsky Clocks

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