BES Submits Twin Town Arts Festival Banner

Students who worked on the Thiers Banner Project submitted their stunning entry for the twin town’s yearly art event, during a special awards ceremony held at Bridgnorth Town Hall earlier this week.

For the past eight years, the Bridgnorth Twinning Association have invited local schools to take part in the French town’s Ville Haute en Couleurs Arts Festival, where banners are hung around its streets from June to October.

This year’s theme was ‘au bonheur des fleurs’ or ‘the happiness of flowers’ and a group of art students from Year 9 planned a bold and colourful design to create a striking appearance that captured abstract floral patterns.

Head of Creative Arts, Mrs Rhodes, said: “The students worked really hard during their lunchtimes and it was great to see their enthusiasm and commitment as they collaborated to create an exciting piece of art for the festival.”

Congratulations go to our fantastic team of artists – Erin Abbiss, Katie Sands, Daisy Berry, Nella Devereaux, Agatha Liddle, Harry Hughes and Denzel Chamberlain – who have done us proud.

See our artists at work as the banner takes shape

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