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In the BES mathematics department, we are committed to delivering a mathematics curriculum that is embedded in the values of endeavour, intrigue and aspiration.

Students participate in a creative and immersive mathematics curriculum, based on the mastery approach, championing a “can do” ethos to challenge all students to go forward into further education, employment and day-to-day life with confidence and assurance in mathematics and numeracy.


Throughout our students’ time at BES, our knowledge-rich mathematics curriculum will cement the building blocks of mathematics through rigorous practice, use of manipulatives and regular feedback to allow students to become increasingly confident in their mathematical ability.

Problem solving and reasoning are at the heart of our curriculum and students are consistently encouraged to understand and prove mathematical concepts, looking for patterns that can be generalised using accurate mathematical language and structures. Each student is tasked with developing a critical approach to mathematics, becoming mathematical detectives hungry to solve any problem through persistence, perseverance, and without fear of failure.

To support our students in these goals, our curriculum follows a well-structured programme which consistently utilises previous knowledge to support the acquisition of new skills. Where necessary, interventions are made swiftly and sensitively to foster positive development through use of online platforms and individualised

During the students' mathematical journey at BES, they are given the opportunity to enrich their mathematical knowledge through regular competitions, across the school and nationally such as the Maths Challenge, trips and extra-curricular clubs. These build each students personality and individuality within the subject, offering opportunities for creativity and success.

Five Year Course Plan

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Topics in Detail

Year 7

The learning outcomes for maths in Year 7 can be found here

Year 8

The learning outcomes for maths in Year 8 can be found here

Year 9

The learning outcomes for maths in Year 9 can be found here

Year 10

The learning outcomes for maths in Year 10 can be found here

Year 11

The learning outcomes for maths in Year 11 can be found here

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