gcse historyIn geography, our mission is to give learners a broad and engaging learning experience that will prepare them well for the next stage of their education or working life.

They will benefit from a series of well-planned topics that allow them to make rapid and sustained progress. There are three key aspects of pupil achievement which strive to develop: Contextual world knowledge of locations, places and geographical features.

Understanding of the conditions, processes and interactions that explain features and distributions, patterns and changes over time. Competence in geographical enquiry, the application of skills in observing, collecting, analysing, mapping and communicating geographical information.

These key aspects of achievement will provide the knowledge, understanding and most importantly the skills required for success at GCSE.


The Geography Department aims to inspire a love of geography in our students and an appreciation of its importance. We want to instill a curiosity about the world, that will be carried forward into a life-long love of the subject.

We aim to provide all students with an extensive knowledge relating to a wide range of places, environments and features across a range of scales from local to global. We want students to improve their understanding of the physical and human world, and how humans impact the world we live in.

The curriculum also aims to provide students with a competence in geographical enquiry and the application of skills in observing, collecting, analysing, evaluating and communicating geographical information. Finally, through the curriculum we hope to encourage learners to become more aware of the major global issues facing the planet and empower them to take an active role in finding sustainable and effective solutions to these issues at a variety of scales.

Five Year Course Plan

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geography curriculum plan

Topics in Detail

Year 7

The learning outcomes for geography in Year 7 can be found here

Year 8

The learning outcomes for geography in Year 8 can be found here

Year 9

The learning outcomes for geography in Year 9 can be found here

Year 10

The learning outcomes for geography in Year 10 can be found here

Year 11

The learning outcomes for geography in Year 11 can be found here

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