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To help parents and students, we have listed the most frequently asked questions, which provide some relevant exam information.

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What happens if I have exams that clash?

The timetabling of exams is organised by the Exam Boards. If there is a clash, the Exams Officer, Miss Minifie, will arrange for you to sit the exam(s) at the next available time. All arrangements will be made and communicated to the candidate well in advance of the exam(s).

Do I need to wear school uniform for my exams?

Yes, full school uniform must be worn for all of your exams. Sixth form need to wear office dress as they would in school.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

You must come fully equipped to do the exam, including all necessary maths equipment. This must be put in a clear pencil case.

If any of your equipment is lost or broken at short notice, then please advise Miss Minifie or an invigilator, who will lend you some spare equipment. Please note, equipment will not be supplied as standard.

Am I allowed a drink in my exam?

Yes, but only water in a clear bottle or drinks container. Labels must be removed from the bottle.

Am I allowed to chew gum during my exams?

No, chewing gum is not permitted in exams.

What happens if I am ill on the morning of my exam?

You must sit your exam as timetabled, despite feeling ill. Once you arrive at school, please let Miss Minifie know how you are feeling and you will be accommodated accordingly. Unless you are hospitalised, or have suffered a severe trauma, you must make every attempt to sit your exam at the scheduled time, otherwise you will risk losing that award.

Am I allowed to go to the toilet during my exams?

You must endeavour to sit your exam without leaving at any point, unless for confirmed medical reasons that Miss Minifie is aware of. You will only be allowed to go to the toilet if it is absolutely necessary.

You will need to put your hand up to ask an invigilator, who will escort you. This can be extremely disruptive, so please try to avoid this by going prior to the exam.

Can I take my mobile phone into the exam if it is turned off?

No, your mobile phone must be turned off and left in your bag outside the exam hall. See JCQ mobile phone notice →

Can I wear a watch in my exam?

No, at the start of your exam, you will be asked to remove your watch and put it on the desk in front of you. You must not bring a smartwatch into an exam. See JCQ mobile phone notice →

Am I allowed to leave the exam early if I finish?

No, you must stay for the duration of the exam. If you finish early, you must remain in exam conditions at all times.

I have extra time, but if I finish within the normal exam time am I allowed to leave?

Yes, if you feel you don’t need to use your extra time, you may leave at the end of the exam. However, if you start your extra time, you must stay for the duration of that time.

When do I get my exam results?

Your exam results are collected from school in August. The specific date is confirmed in the key dates section →

Can someone else collect my results?

You must collect your results in person. If you are unable to do so, you must write a letter confirming who is going to collect them, sign it and give it to Miss Minifie before results day.

If you want them to be posted out to you, you must provide Miss Minifie with a stamped addressed envelope and written permission for her to post them.

When do I get my exam certificates?

You must collect your certificates in person. These can be collected from school from 1st December, following your exam results.

Do I need to collect my certificates?

The school will keep your certificates for 12 months after your exams. If these are not collected, they are securely destroyed. It will cost you £35–£50 to replace each certificate, if you do not collect them.

These certificates are important and you will need them in the future, as proof of your exam results for colleges, universities or employers.

For any further questions, please email Miss Lis Minifie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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