Who's Who

We would like to introduce you to the heads of the three houses at Bridgnorth Endowed School – Hardwicke, Rowley and Washbrook. To meet your form tutor, please scroll further down the page.

Heads of House

Head of Hardwicke  
Mr Middleton

Mr Middleton

Hello, my name is Mr Middleton. I started working at BES in 1994, when I arrived to teach business studies and later mathematics. In 2000, I became head of year and, in 2006, head of Hardwicke House. Over the years, my pastoral role within the school has had various titles but ‘head of house’ has always been my favourite as it reflects the fact that we are a unified group with shared interests and goals. Hardwicke – named after the famous Hollywood actor – has always competed strongly in house competitions and I know this will continue into the future. I'm very proud of Hardwicke and all it stands for. Those lucky enough to wear the yellow tie – or gold as I like to think of it – will always find plenty of support and care from others in the house and be made to feel at home. I look forward to meeting you in September, when we can work together to continue the success of Hardwicke.

Head of Rowley  
Mrs Tristham

Mrs Tristham

Hello, my name is Mrs Tristham and I started teaching at BES as a newly qualified art teacher in 1991. I enjoyed seven years of teaching art here, before moving to a school in Telford to become head of department in 1998. I worked there for five years and, during that time, I got married and had two children. In 2003, I returned to BES as head of art and have been here ever since, seeing my role develop to what it is today – head of creative arts and PE. Two years ago, I became head of house for Rowley and, recently, I've become more involved with the pastoral team. I love this part of my job and feel incredibly lucky to work with great colleagues and great pupils in a great school. I am very proud of BES and passionate about Rowley. I look forward to meeting you in September, when we can work together to win the house cup for Rowley this year.

Head of Washbrook  
Mr Hughes

Mr Hughes

My name is Mr Hughes and I joined Bridgnorth Endowed School in September 2016 as second in mathematics, following two years in the same role at a school in Shrewsbury. I was appointed as head of house in September 2018, taking over from the much-loved Mrs Lawson. Aiming to continue the success and bring a ruthless competitive edge, I have revelled in the triumphs, such as the foreign languages bake off and the food bank tutor group competition. I am proud to be part of Washbrook House, where I initially started as form tutor for W2-GHU – a form that boasts numerous house captains and a previous head boy and head girl. I am a passionate Welshman and I am looking forward to bringing “home” the house cup trophy at the earliest opportunity.

Form Tutors

Please click on the blue tabs below to meet our form tutors.

Hardwicke Forms H1 to H6

Mrs Taylor


Hello, my name is Mrs Taylor. My tutor group is called GTA and we are in Hardwick (the best house to be in!). We have a good mixture of pupils in our form, some are quiet and some are chatty, but we are all a friendly bunch. We are particularly good at quizzes, so we look forward to you bringing your expertise to our group. I have been teaching drama at BES since September 2015. I love teaching drama, in particular I love doing the school production each year. It would be great if you could get involved in the show as it’s lots of fun and a great way to make new friends. Although things are a little different this year, as your form tutor I will always be available to talk to if you’re feeling anxious about anything. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in September.

Mr Chase


I started teaching in 2001 at Wodensborough Community Technology College, where I enjoyed eight years of teaching PE before moving to BES in 2009. I became head of department in 2012 and continued in the role for six years. In 2018, I was offered the opportunity to take up the position of school games co-ordinator. This gives me the chance to work with the primary schools in East Shropshire. When I arrived at the school, I was a tutor in Rowley House, however, I recently moved to the same position in Hardwicke. I really enjoy supporting students in learning from their own and others’ life experiences to help shape their future. I also strive to encourage students to represent the school in fixtures involving team games and individual activities. I believe those opportunities create skills that really can’t be fostered and nurtured in any other setting.

Mr Nicholls


Hello, my name is Mr Nicholls. I'll be your form tutor throughout your time at BES. I am a history teacher and I’ve been teaching here since September 2016. Before that, I completed my teacher training over a two-year period at a school in Oswestry. And before becoming a teacher, I spent 18 years in the army as an infantry officer. In a varied military career, amongst other things, I completed several overseas operational tours in places such as Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Hong Kong, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as training in places such as Cyprus, the USA and Canada. I'm married with two young children, two old cats, and a badly behaved dog. I am particularly passionate about skiing, rock climbing, running and boxing – a sport I used to compete in during my army days. I also enjoy getting involved in school trips and have taken part in visits to France, Belgium and Greece. I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Science Teacher


We're currently recruiting for a new science teacher to join the Bridgnorth Endowed School team. They will also take on the role of form tutor for H3 in September.

Mr Pope


Hello, my name is Mr Pope. I started teaching at Bridgnorth Endowed School in 2013, which was my first proper teaching job. I have enjoyed my seven years here and teach geography – by far the best subject in the school as you get to learn about the whole world. During my time at BES, I have also been a form tutor in Hardwicke, the current house cup champions and perennial sports day winners. I look forward to meeting you in September, where hopefully I can help you settle into life at the school.

Mr Akhtar


Hi, my name is Mr Akhtar and I joined Bridgnorth Endowed School as head of ICT in 2008. I have had many roles in the school but I particularly enjoy teaching computer science. I've had a varied career and started teaching in 2004 at Idsall School in Shifnal. I then went to Ercall Wood in Telford, before moving to BES. I have a wonderful tutor group who are extremely well behaved. I personally believe that tutor time is an important time, not only to complete your work, but also to discuss any concerns, problems and things that are going well or you are enjoying. I am in Hardwicke, which is obviously the best house. I look forward to meeting you in September and I know you will enjoy your time with us in H5-PAR.

Mr Davenport


Hello, my name is Mr Davenport. I started teaching design & technology at BES in 2014. Previously, I was a teacher at Carre’s Grammar school for boys, where I taught for five years. I then moved to become a curriculum manager at New College in Telford. There, I managed the A level design courses and BTEC Level 3 design crafts course. During my first teaching post, I married and had two children who are now all grown up and even more expensive. Before becoming a teacher, I had a varied background, including an apprenticeship in the printing industry, a gas mains layer and a partner of an award-winning furniture design business that I set up after university. I have been very happy in my role at BES and I really enjoy working with students, always proud of the work they complete in D&T. I look forward to meeting you in September, where I am sure you will contribute to winning the house cups (again) for Hardwicke House.

Rowley Forms R1 to R6

Miss Gresko


Hello, my name is Miss Gresko and I am a science teacher at BES. My room is number 36 and I am always around if you need a chat. I started teaching here just last year and I love it as it is one of the happiest and friendliest schools I have ever been in. Before I was a teacher, I studied at Cardiff University, where I gained my psychology degree. I then worked with offenders, individuals facing homelessness, and children with profound special educational needs. Teaching is a fantastic job that allows me to work with brilliant students. I love teaching very much, and discovering things together with my classes is a privilege. I am very proud to be part of Rowley House! Being a form tutor is brilliant too, as we get to play the weekly quiz, I see my form students every day and we all get to be part of a bigger team within the school. I am very excited to welcome my new form members and the new students I will be lucky enough to teach in September.

Mrs Porter


¡Hola! I’m Mrs Porter and our tutor room is Room 1 in the Old Hall. Although I teach Spanish and French, I am just teaching Spanish at the moment. I studied French and Spanish at university, and then I lived on the Spanish island of Majorca for 17 years. This is where I perfected my Spanish and also learnt Catalán. My husband is Spanish and is from Seville, which is in the south of mainland Spain. My three children were all born in Spain and even my three dogs are Spanish. I used to teach English to Spanish children, before returning to England when I started to teach French and Spanish here. I’ve been at BES for three years now and previously taught in two other schools, in Telford and then Stourbridge, before starting here. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in September. ¡Hasta pronto!

Mr McAdam


Hi, my name is Mr McAdam. I teach PE and I’m passionate about encouraging all students to be active. I firmly believe there is an activity for everyone to enjoy – maybe I need to help you find it? I am very lucky to work in a school with such great facilities – we have an all-weather surface, a large indoor sports-hall, a 25m swimming pool, a fitness suite and a range of playing fields. As well as teaching activities, such as rugby, badminton, basketball and swimming, I have enjoyed helping to successfully introduce sports, such as golf, cycling and dodgeball to the school. After studying sport in Cardiff for four years, I taught PE in a school in Hampshire for a further four years. I then moved to Bridgnorth in 1998, where I met my wife and had two children, both of whom went to BES. Before studying sport, I worked in the RAF for six years and had a fantastic time working on fighter planes. This taught me a lot about being part of a team and playing sport really helped me with this. Starting secondary school is a very exciting time and I’m looking forward to welcoming you in September.

Mr Jabore


Hello, my name is Mr Jabore. I joined the great team of staff at Bridgnorth Endowed School only a year ago, after having taught in Dudley for the past 20 years. My forte is mathematics but I also enjoy the sciences, especially physics and chemistry. In my previous school, I was very involved in the Year 6 to secondary school transition, so I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing young children in their first years of secondary. And now we have new challenges in life after COVID-19! I look forward to meeting you all in September and can’t wait to get back at doing what we do best. Teaching. Our teaching room is Room 18 and I’m sure you will love BES.

Miss Bradburn


Hello, I’m Miss Bradburn and my tutor group is R5. We are based in Room 3, which is also my English classroom. I only started teaching at Bridgnorth Endowed School last year, so I know what it’s like to be new. However, I can assure you that all of the staff and pupils were lovely and helped me settle in straight away. I am an English teacher here and have taught drama too. This year, I will also be teaching film studies. I really enjoy these creative subjects and love seeing what imaginative things pupils come up with. I also really enjoyed being a tutor last year and I was proud of my group for getting involved with things like the foreign languages bake sale, the house quiz and donating to the food bank. I’m very excited to meet my new tutees and see what this year brings.

Mrs Sheffield


Hi, my name is Mrs Sheffield and I share Rowley 6 with Miss Miller. I moved to Shropshire five years ago and have been teaching French at BES for the past four years. Before working here, I taught in a large mixed school in my hometown of Manchester for seven years. Prior to teaching, I studied in Clermont Ferrand in France and later I worked in the Dordogne region. After qualifying as a teacher, I went back to France to work in a ski resort, before coming back to England. I have really enjoyed my time at BES so far. I particularly enjoy that it's a small school and you get to know everyone, and more importantly, your way around quickly. I have been very lucky to run two fantastic trips to France for Year 7 pupils and this year we had a language company visit us to perform plays for us in both French and Spanish. At the beginning of the year, we even had a European themed bake-off. BES is a very friendly school and the pupils are fantastic. I am sure you are going to love your time here with us. I am looking forward to meeting you in September.

Ms Miller


Hello, my name is Ms Miller. I started at Bridgnorth Endowed School in January 2019, as a French teacher. I work on Mondays and Tuesdays, so these are the days I will see you each week. I have been teaching for 14 years and, although my passion is French, I speak German and Italian too. When I am not teaching, I can usually be found training for my hobby of triathlon, meaning that I will either be in a lake, on my bike or out running up big hills! I have really enjoyed the role of form tutor, which I took on last September. I have loved getting to know pupils outside of formal lessons and finding out about their hobbies, interests and achievements. I am looking forward to meeting you in September and welcoming you to the school and into our tutor group.

Washbrook Forms W1 to W6

Mr Coram


Hello, my name is Mr Coram and I am the form tutor for W1-TCO. Our tutor base is Room 52, which is one of the science rooms downstairs. I am a science teacher and have been for the past 18 years, specialising in biology and physics. Shortly after I started my career, I displayed special skills for pastoral care so was fast tracked to the role of head of house, which I held for several years before moving into responsibility for special educational needs. I joined Bridgnorth Endowed in 2018, after a short period of time supporting schools throughout the Dudley area. I am now enjoying the chance to concentrate on my passion for teaching science as I move towards retirement. I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and progress being made at BES and look forward to welcoming you into my form, where we will assist Mr Hughes in claiming the house cup to where it rightly belongs – with Washbrook.

Mr Teague


Hello, my name is Mr Teague. I started teaching at BES back in March of this year and, needless to say, it’s been a slightly strange time to start teaching at a new school! I became a music teacher in 2016, after graduating from Leeds University. I’ve always loved music, learning the piano from when I was just eight years old. Since becoming a teacher, I have worked in Swindon, South London, and now here in Bridgnorth. Our tutor room will be the music room, which is Room 48. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in my new tutor group and, because I am super competitive, I am looking forward to our tutor group becoming the best in the school.

Mrs Griffin


Hello, I’m Mrs Griffin. I teach science – chemistry is my favourite – and I am a form tutor in Washbrook House. Tutor time is spent in my classroom, Room 43, which is a great big science lab with gas taps and everything! I haven’t always been a teacher, I used to work in tourism. I was born in Bridgnorth and grew up locally. I’ve lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Bristol too, but I love Shropshire and always knew I would eventually move back here. I have twins (a boy and a girl) who are at primary school. I love hockey and believe it’s the best sport to play. If you fancy having a go at it, or playing a bit more, you can come along to the after-school hockey club that I run once a week. I’m friendly and competitive, and I really enjoy seeing people succeed, so I will do my best to help you do your best. I’m looking forward to starting the new school year with you in September.

Ms Poole


Hello, my name is Ms Poole and I teach PE and English. Congratulations on being in the best form and house in the school! I have taught at Bridgnorth Endowed School for a long time now and have been in Washbrook House since I started; I can confidently tell you it is a great house to be in. I have two teenage children, both of whom really enjoyed being students at BES and I know you will too. I also have a crazy spaniel who would love to come and join BES as well. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the rest of LPO very soon.

Mrs Rhodes


Hello, my name is Mrs Rhodes. I was a pupil at BES many years ago and returned as an art teacher in 2015. Before joining BES, I began my teaching career at a large secondary school in Wolverhampton and taught there for ten years. During this time, I got married and had two sons, Henry and Hugo Rhodes, who some of you may know. Since I began teaching at BES, I've had a third son, Rory. The main subject I teach here is art, but in recent years I have also taught some classes of RE and technology. You will always find me in one of our art rooms. In my spare time, I enjoy running and was lucky enough to run in the London marathon last year, as well as taking part in many other events. I have enjoyed every minute of teaching at BES, seeing students flourish and working alongside a great team of staff. I am extremely proud of the school and feel privileged to be able to work at a local school where I was once a pupil. I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Miss Anderson


Hello, my name is Miss Anderson. I share W5 tutor group with Mrs Rhodes. We’re in Washbrook House and based in Room 46, which is the art room. I started teaching at Bridgnorth Endowed School in 2009, as a newly qualified mathematics teacher. In 2010, I became second in the maths department with responsibility for Key Stage 3. The following year, I swapped to Key Stage 4 and then spent a year focusing on additional support for pupils across both. In 2013, I had my first daughter and then returned on a part-time basis. Since then, I’ve had two more daughters and I’m due to return to school from maternity leave as you start in September. I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the tutor group in September.



I'd like to welcome you to MLA! I teach English and our tutor room is also my English room, which is Room 5 in the Old Hall. I have taught in several schools in the UK and overseas, before starting at Bridgnorth Endowed and I can honestly say it is the friendliest school I have ever worked in. I only started working at Bridgnorth Endowed School last year, so I know how it feels to be new and will help you find your feet this year. As your form tutor, I will be here for you from Year 7 right through to 11 and, as a form, we will all be there for each other every day, so I hope you’re looking forward to being part of W6-MLA. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in September.

For a full list of the Bridgnorth Endowed School team, please visit the staff directory page

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