The impact that the Chromebooks for Education Programme has had on our students’ learning since its introduction in September 2018 has been extremely positive.

Bridgnorth Endowed students are able to learn, collaborate and interact in new and innovative ways, something that is essential in today’s increasingly digital world.

As a school, we firmly believe in the merits of the programme and the educational benefits of students having their own device to improve the vital link between learning at school and at home.

Having access to the latest technology when and where students need it can help to give them the very best chance of success in and beyond the classroom.

The school is now fully cloud-based and we actively encourage all students who already have Chromebooks to access our in-house resources for education. Ultimately, our vision is very clear in that every student at BES will have their own personal device to help support flexible learning and maximise their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are Chromebooks?

chromebook advantages bannerChromebooks are a budget-friendly alternative to Windows laptops and MacBooks that run on Chrome OS – a more streamlined operating system designed by Google.

Combining excellent cloud storage and the best of Google’s suite of applications, these devices are ideal for browsing the Internet, emailing, steaming videos and other online activities.

Chromebooks are extremely secure, easy to use and work seamlessly with cloud-based applications, including those used extensively by our students and teachers.

Through Chromebooks with Google Classroom and Office 365, we are able to further improve student engagement and open the door to learning in an exciting way.

2. Why has the school opted for these devices?

chromebook deviceWe have selected two Chromebook devices which are best suited to enrich the learning experience of our students.

These devices are specifically designed for student use with a ruggedised outer casing and enhanced specification to make sure they withstand all functional requirements.

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook is pictured right and the Lenovo 300e Flip/Touch Chromebook is also offered through the programme.

More detailed specifications are available for download below.

3. What's included in the package?

There’s a choice of two Chromebook packages, each one offering outstanding value for money both in terms of price and what’s included.

Both packages include the following:

 Chromebook Device (see options below)  Configuration & Setup
 Google Management Console  Ongoing Support & Helpdesk
Classroom Office 365 Affordable Monthly Payment Options
3-Year Warranty Option to Pay in Full
3-Year Guaranteed Repair Service No Credit Checks
School Software, Applications & Resources Delivery

4. How much does it cost?

You can opt to pay monthly over 12, 24 or 36 months, or as a one-off payment via the secure online ordering portal. At the end of the payment term, you’ll have full ownership of the device with no additional cost.

Package A Package B
Lenovo 100e Chromebook Lenovo 300e Flip/Touch Chromebook
36 months = £10.99 per month 36 months = £12.49 per month
24 months = £15.82 per month 24 months = £18.00 per month
12 months = £30.27 per month 12 months = £34.46 per month
Outright purchase = £350.17 Outright purchase = £399.29

5. How does that compare to the High Street?

Package A Package B
Saving of up to £127.34 via the programme* Saving of up to £152.47 via the programme*
Total cost through the BES Portal = £395.64* Total cost through the BES Portal = £449.64*
Equivalent High Street Bundle RRP = £522.98 Equivalent High Street Bundle RRP = £602.11
● Chromebook @ £229.99 ● Chromebook @ £290.13
● Warranty @ £35.99 ● Warranty @ £35.99
● Chrome License @ £36.00 ● Chrome License @ £36.00
● 3 Yr ADT insurance @ £125.64 (Protectmybubble £3.49/month) ● 3 Yr ADT insurance @ £125.64 (Protectmybubble £3.49/month)
● High Street Finance @ £95.36 ● High Street Finance @ £114.35

*Comparison based on 36-month payment via the Bridgnorth Endowed Portal vs High Street RRP

6. What are the technical specifications?

7. How do I place my order?


To order a device:

* Please use the parent/carer's email address as this is where the order confirmation will be sent to

8. When will my Chromebook be delivered?

Your first direct debit will be taken on 25th August 2022 (or next working day). On successful payment of your first direct debit, your order will be shipped.

To avoid disappointment, please ensure your direct debit is set up correctly as your device will not be ordered if the payment fails to go through.

Delivery/handout is planned for w/c 12th September 2022.

9. Who are Freedom Technology?

Freedom Tech offers flexible and cost-effective technology financing solutions for the education sector through its Tech4Learners 1:1 device programme.

Benefits for students and parents:

  • Access to the latest technology to enhance students' learning
  • A personalised learning device which helps them learn in a way that suits them
  • Peace of mind – devices are fully supported by Freedomtech Advanced Repair Service with no excess on claims
  • Cost-effectiveness – spread payments over time
  • No personal credit checks

Find out more here:

10. Who can I contact for further information?

For further information on the BES Chromebook Programme, please call 01746 762103 or email Mrs Underhill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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