Class Charts

We provide all parents with access to Class Charts, a dynamic new software programme designed to record and track pupil achievement and behaviour so that information is shared in real-time between teachers, parents and pupils. This is because we recognise the important role parents play in the education of their children and hope to increase engagement further by providing as much information about pupil progress as possible.

We believe strongly in the positive reinforcement of good behaviour and each pupil routinely gets two positive points per lesson – one for work completed and one for good conduct, if no negatives are given. Teachers may also award additional points for anything that they wish to publicly reward ‘in the moment’ as part of teaching pupils good social and academic behaviours. By logging onto the Class Charts website or app, parents can view this data within a user-friendly dashboard that charts positive and negative points as a complete overview, for the week, or in a more detailed daily breakdown.

The system also enables parents to track homework by using an instant overview or to-do list of what’s been set, either by due date or issue date. So, instead of trying to decipher tasks that have been hastily scribbled down at the end of a lesson, pupils and parents can access comprehensive instructions with any relevant support material attached. The status of homework is also visible with fields denoting whether it has been submitted, completed, submitted late or not submitted at all; information that’s essential for parents to be aware of.

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Home School Agreement

We believe that pupils learn best within the context of a home-school relationship built on trust and open and honest dialogue. Key messages in terms of the expectations of this relationship are explained in our Home School Agreement, which we ask all pupils and parents to sign when they start at the school.

You can view the Bridgnorth Endowed Home School Agreement by clicking here


Towards the end of each term, we communicate with parents via email to summarise how well pupils are progressing in each subject.

We see these reports as part of our ongoing conversation with parents throughout the year and always encourage direct contact with teachers, should there be any questions or feedback.

Parents’ Evenings

An annual Parents’ Evening provides the opportunity for parents to make an appointment with all of their child’s teachers to discuss progress in individual subjects and how they are getting on in school generally.

It is expected that all parents/carers will attend these evenings as they are an important opportunity to help decide how best to work together to offer the right support. Parents are informed of the dates in advance and they are also published on the school’s website.

Individual Appointments

Parents should feel free to communicate with teachers at any time, via the homework diary, or by phone or email. However, if there is anything you want to discuss face-to-face with a specific teacher, please call the School Office on 01746 762103 to arrange an appointment.

ofstead good provider"The school places a high value on developing well-rounded young people who are respectful, polite and industrious." – Ofsted


Founded in 1503, Bridgnorth Endowed School has a rich and long history in education.

Today, it is a vibrant non-selective co-educational secondary school that offers great facilities, high quality teaching and an exciting choice of extra-curricular activities.

The school benefits from a thirty-acre campus and its own on-site leisure centre, with all the convenience of a town centre location.

Bridgnorth Endowed School
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Shropshire, WV16 4ER

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