Year 7 Enjoys a Taste of Spain

The sumptuous Spanish feast enjoyed by Year 7 language students on Friday

A special food tasting lesson brought the wonderful and vibrant flavours of Spain to delighted Year 7 students in school on Friday.

Each year, the Modern Foreign Languages Department organise the tasting session to encourage pupils to improve their skills by giving their opinions on the different foods in Spanish.

Students sampled a range of specialities, including chorizo, cured ham, squid rings, Manchego cheese, black and green olives, almonds, dark chocolate from South America, and delicious, sugar-coated churros.

The lesson, which forms part of the first unit about the island of Mallorca, offers a fun, interactive way for students to get to grips with this useful set of vocabulary.

Language teacher, Mrs Porter, said: “There were mixed opinions about the food, some weren’t too convinced but others loved it all.”

“It was great to see them trying foods for the first time and being able to express themselves in Spanish.”

Highlights of the Spanish Food Tasting Lesson

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