Weather Warnings

Bridgnorth Endowed School is open today as normal.  However, given the forecast we will be watching the weather closely and it may become necessary to close the school early.  The decision to close is always a difficult one and we appreciate your support.  We have asked bus companies to be ready for an early closure and ask that parents have suitable plans in place for this eventuality.

If we close early we will inform the LA (who tell Shropshire radio), update this website AND text message parents.

It looks to us like Bridgnorth may, or may not, get a lot of snow today – it seems we are on the edge of the area likely to be hit.  Parents in our highest / most rural areas may make a decision not to send pupils to school today, after seeing local weather conditions.  If this is the case please would you phone the school to let us know.  We are aware of the difficulties that this part of our catchment faced last December.

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