Taste of China on the Menu

Aspens staff getting into the spirit of the Chinese themed event

To celebrate today’s Chinese New Year, students and staff were treated to aromatic flavours of the Orient with a special Chinese menu.

The main counter served firm favourites, including sweet and sour pork with noodles, chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice, and spring veg stir fry.

Dessert didn’t disappoint either, as delicious banana and apple fritters came with custard or syrup.

At Grab and Go, there was a choice of BBQ ribs and chicken, Chinese fillet burgers, spring veg noodle pots, and a tasty dim sum selection.

Aspens regularly runs themed events with menus from around the world and next on the list is The Welsh Way to mark St. David’s Day in March.

Highlights from Today’s Lunch

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