National Poetry Day 2020

This year’s National Poetry Day takes place on Thursday 1st October

To mark today’s National Poetry Day, Head of English, Mr Butler, shares a reading of ‘The Road Not Taken’, a famous poem written by the American poet, Robert Frost.

In school this morning, all students are looking at the poem and discussing it with their teachers to appreciate one of Frost’s best-known works and understand the meaning behind it.

The central theme is about the divergence of paths, which is a reflection of decisions and decision-making, and the notion that life could have been different if we had chosen differently in the past.

The power of poetry is something that is celebrated on National Poetry Day each year, with thousands of events across the UK – in homes, schools, and public spaces both online and offline.

This year is especially important, as organisers of the annual campaign hope to seize on the momentum after observing a rise in enthusiasm for poetry during the lockdown period.

Mr Butler will continue daily poetry readings on the English department’s blog.

Download The Road Not Taken →

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