GCSE Film Studies Makes Its Debut at BES

This term saw the launch of an exciting new subject that offers Bridgnorth Endowed School students the opportunity to study film at GCSE level.

The new Film Studies course claims that students will never watch films in the same way again, as they get to unpick the culture, history, technology and aesthetics that lie behind them.

Alongside this, students get to grips with key production elements, such as analysing moving images, defining the setting or ‘mise-en-scene’, and understanding the effects of sound.

American films make up one of the modules, with a comparative study between Rebel without a Cause and teen comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, plus independent film Juno.

The second group of films includes Slumdog Millionaire as a global English language film, Spirited Away as a global non-English language film, and Skyfall as a contemporary UK film.

Each case study provides pupils with the opportunity to explore a breadth of contrasting culturally and socially diverse nuances, ranging in location and time period.

For the coursework element, students get the chance to put everything they’ve learned to the test by producing their own genre-based film extract, together with an evaluation of the piece.

Teacher, Miss Bradburn, who delivers the course said: “Film is an important and engaging part of many people’s lives and this course helps students to develop, not only their critical thinking, but also invaluable research, investigative and production skills.”

“The current Year 10s are getting really involved in the films and diving into the deeper concepts. So far, they’ve watched Slumdog Millionaire, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.”

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