Banner for Twin Town Arts Festival

Banner for Thiers Arts Festival
The Thiers’ Arts Festival banner created by Year 9 students

A group of Year 9 Bridgnorth Endowed School art students have produced a stunning banner to hang at this summer’s Arts Festival held in Thiers, France – Bridgnorth’s twin town.

Every year, the Bridgnorth Twinning Association invites the school to take part in the event, which showcases art around the town throughout the summer months.

With a different theme each year, the title for this year is ‘Les Mondes des Legends’, which roughly translates as ‘All about legends’.

The group of seven students, with a keen interest in the arts, took on the challenge and decided fairly quickly to focus on famous British Legends from times gone by.

The design features King Arthur, the Black Knight and White Knight from King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, George and the Dragon, and Robin Hood. You’ll also see Pegasus floating mythically above a hilltop castle and there’s even evidence of a princess imprisoned in the tower.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Bridgnorth’s twinning link with Thiers and the school’s participation in the annual Arts Festival is proof that the association is still going strong.

Congratulations to Amelia Hiam, Danni Head, Paige Veal, Holly and Poppy Bingham, Marcus Constantino and Benjamin Hyde for creating a fantastic banner on behalf of the school.

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