Resources Overview

The primary online platforms that the school will use to deliver continuity of education are:

Platform Overview
Class Charts app

Class Charts

Through the homework setting feature, students are able to access all of the instructions and resources for each lesson via the internet or mobile app, helping them to organise their daily study routine. Following an update, from 1st June you will be submitting all of your work to teachers directly through Class Charts for them to check and provide feedback – watch this video on how to upload and view feedback on Class Charts.

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SharePoint app


From 1st June, you should only use SharePoint if you wish to look back at work or feedback on work that you completed before this date. Please submit all new work through Class Charts (see above).

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Teams app

Microsoft Teams

A powerful communications platform designed to provide a virtual classroom environment for students to interact with their teacher via video and collaborate using teaching material.

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Office 365

Students should feel free to use their authorised school email accounts to communicate with staff on any aspect of the work set. Typically, these may be clarification questions but they may also wish to receive interim feedback on tasks that they are currently working on.

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SAM app

SAM Learning

An online study resource for all subjects and year groups, packed with quizzes and short tests for a wide range of topics, which can either be set by the teacher or completed independently by students. Answers are marked within the software so students receive instant feedback and can compete against friends to improve their scores.

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MathsWatch App


A complete online Maths platform which uses videos, online assessments, feedback tools, printable worksheets and so much more to independently develop students' mathematical skills across the full range of topics they would be expected to cover.

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Audible app

Amazon's Audible

For as long as schools are closed, Amazon’s Audible is giving students free access to its audiobooks service, enabling them to instantly stream an incredible collection of stories on their desktops, laptops, phones or tablets. Simply explore the collection, select a title and start listening.

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myON app

Renaissance Accelerated Reader

An effective programme, designed to encourage students to develop as independent readers at their own pace and level. A short online quizz taken at the end of a book gives an indication of how well they've understood it and helps them to make appropriate reading choices.

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myON app


An extension to the Accelerated Reader programme, giving students unlimited access to as many books as they wish from an enhanced digital library and the usual quizzes to complete after reading.

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Britannica School app

Britannica School

A citable, online encyclopaedia for teachers and pupils. Information is aligned to the national curriculum, updated daily and spans a range of media including video, images and audio content.

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