June Reopening Update

Possible reopening of school to more pupils in June

It has been nearly two weeks since the announcement that schools may partially reopen on 1 June to students in year 10, if the government thinks it is safe to do so. Schools have been asked to offer students some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education being offered.

Unfortunately there has been very little guidance from government about managing the reopening of schools. Decisions about when to open, what type of provision to offer and to which students have been left to schools and as a result the approach being adopted by senior leaders varies between schools.

After much consideration and consultation with unions, the local authority and secondary Headteachers across Shropshire, we have decided to:

  1. Further develop our remote learning system to include live, face-to-face teaching via Microsoft Teams to as many students as possible, starting with year 10. We will dedicate time for teacher training and developing resources during the week commencing 1 June 2020, and aim to start offering live lessons from 8 June 2020.
  2. Offer all students in year 10 one-to-one tutoring sessions in school with a teacher to provide support and guidance to supplement their remote learning. These sessions will be arranged by appointment and will allow us to limit the number of students on site at any one time and adhere to safe working practices. We aim to start these sessions from 15 June 2020.

Therefore, from 1 June 2020 Bridgnorth Endowed School will remain open only for vulnerable pupils and the children of critical workers.

We will provide a follow up letter with further details on the above in the week commencing 1 June 2020.

In the meantime, we have made some improvements to our existing remote learning system and systems for monitoring students’ wellbeing.

Improvements to the remote learning system

  • We are delighted to be able to introduce a method of submitting work via Class Charts. We realise that there have been some issues with SharePoint, and we are confident that students will find submitting work far more straightforward using Class Charts.
  • Teachers will be using new software to record demonstrations using audio to supplement the work being set to all students. These will not include the interactivity of a live lesson, but it will allow teachers to explain key constructs to students in depth.

Improvements to our systems for monitoring wellbeing

  • We have invested in the ‘wellbeing’ module within Class Charts. This simple system will allow students to share how they are feeling at any time which will enable us to offer increased support to students when needed.

Details of how to use these new systems can be found here on the school website and have been emailed to students.

We would like to thank you for your continued support during this difficult period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Download letter to parents
Download letter from Shropshire Council

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